"The First Shampoo" Anti Frizz Q&A

What kind of results can be expected?
The treated hair will be smoother and more manageable. The wave patterns will become looser and it will retain some body and waves.
What ingredients are in the solution?
The ingredients of 'The First Shampoo" are organic acids that presents a tri-dimensional shape, interacting within the internal structure of the cortex layer.
Are there any health concerns when doing this treatment?
"The First Shampoo by Wella will not irritate the eyes, nose, mouth or lungs. There are no harmful fumes, therefore no need to wear protective masks.
How does this treatment work?
"The First Shampoo"by Wella is a shampoo with a blend of amino acids that joins the simple proteins of hair, creating chemical bonds through the interaction with heat generating hair alignment which creates smooth and silky hair.
How long does this treatment last?
The treatment will last on average 2 - 3 months and the hair will slowly regain back some body. Overtime, the hair become progressively frizz free the more often the treatment is carried out. The use of a sulphate free shampoo is highly recommended.
Does this treatment work on any type of hair?
Yes, 'The First Shampoo" is suitable for all types of hair.
How is the treatment different to Wella Straight permanent straightening?
"The First Shampoo" is a treatment that will semi-permanently smooth away and help contain frizz , making hair more manageable. Wella Straight will permanently get rid of frizz and straighten hair.
How is this treatment different from Brazilian/Keratin treatments?
"The First Shampoo" by Wella, unlike the Brazilian/Keratin Treatments, does not contain formaldehyde, formalin or any other chemicals that can release harmful gases. The procedure is safe, containing organic acids , whilst most Brazilian/Keratin Treatments use only 1 solution, sometimes containing quite aggressive and noxious ingredients.