Wella Straight Process

This is a brief, step-by-step account of the straightening process so that you can get a better understanding of what being 'straightened' will entail. For more detailed information please feel free to contact our technicians at the salon or visit our Q&A page on the website.
The Consultation
A consultation appointment is the first step towards carefree hair days.
Your hair will be analysed according to the texture, condition and the type of curl. The result of the analysis will determine the type of lotion that will be used on your hair and we will then be able to give you a quotation.
The Straightening Process

1.The first lotion is applied after shampooing and treating the hair.
2.The cystine bonds are now broken down to enable the hair to take on its new form, we then rinse.
3.The memory of the new structure of the hair is sealed in by ironing the hair.
The ironing process seals in the shine and silks the hair and the result is soft, healthy looking hair.
4.After the first ironing we apply the neutralising lotion and then iron your hair for a second time
The second ironing is necessary to style the hair as you desire.
The Final Result
The end results are so impressive that you need to see it to believe it!
We recommend that you use a professional hair care range at home to ensure you get the best results from our straightener.