Wella Straight Permanent Straightener Q&A

Is the permanent straightener chemically based?
Yes, it is chemically based, as is any product used to change the actual structure of the hair. The product is, however, extremely gently to the hair and skin and won't irritate your scalp.
Will the straightener damage my hair?
No, the system will not damage your hair. During the straightening process we treat the hair with 3 different hair treatments. Some of the components of the treatments are Keratin (to strengthen and build), Oil and Silicone (protection against heat) and Collagen (moisturize and silks). All these treatments help prevent damage while restoring the hair to its natural healthy state.
What hair is suitable for the permanent straightener?
  • Caucasian hair
  • Asian hair
  • Bi Racial hair
  • Highlighted hair (Depending on the degree of highlights)
  • Pregnant ladies (Recommended if you are in the final trimester)
  • Gents
  • Teenagers (Recommended if you are past puberty)
  • Oriental hair
  • Ethnic hair
Please note: Our straightener cannot be performed on hair that has been relaxed with a lye based product.
How long does the permanent straightener last?
It is a permanent hair straightener; therefore you only have to  return for a root touch up in approximately 6-7 months. It is permanent.
How long do I have to wait after a relaxer/perm/colour before I can straighten my hair?
Perms: It is possible to have your hair straightened after you have had a perm. We can discuss this further at initial consultation prior to the treatment.
Coloured Hair: We recommend that you have your colour done after you've straightened your hair to ensure that there is no colour fade.
Relaxed Hair: The straightener cannot be performed on hair that has been relaxed with lye, sulphur or sodium based relaxer. Our straightener is a Thio-based lotion and will cause breakage when used with lye, sulphur or sodium based lotions. We recommend you grow your relaxed hair out and then have it straightened.
How long does it take?
Depending on the length of the hair and the tightness of the curl, the process can take between four to five hours.
Will my hair still frizz?
No. Frizzy hair will definitely be a thing of the past.
Can I have it done if I have highlights?
Yes you can, but we will have to determine the degree of your highlights first. If the volume of peroxide is not too high then then we may proceed.
Can I still colour my hair afterwards?
Yes, you can colour your hair but there is a waiting period of two weeks. If you would like to maintain the healthy condition of your hair we recommend you start using semi/demi permanent coloring instead of tints. It is a lot gentler.
Will my hair still have volume?
We will advise with regard to all the correct techniques to ensure you get maximum volume.
Will I still need to blow dry my hair?
It depends on how tight your curl was and what result you would like to achieve. For a salon finish we recommend you smooth the hair down with a flat paddle brush. Time spent on your hair will be reduced by more than 80%.
Can I still set my hair in curls?
Yes, you can.
Can I straighten my hair while pregnant?
We advise that you have your hair straightened during your last trimester. When you are pregnant your body experiences severe hormonal changes. Hormones have a considerable effect on hair and any major changes in your hormonal balance could affect the result of the system.
Can medication affect the result?
Any medication that is hormone related will affect the results of the straightener. Your technician must be advised should you be taking any medication.
I swim a lot. Will the chlorine affect the treatment?
If you follow our maintenance guide and moisturise your hair well, it should have no effect.
Is any maintenance required after the treatment?
We will advise you of the correct shampoo and treatments to ensure that your hair remains in optimum condition. If you do not follow our advice we will not be held responsible.
What is the cost involved?
You are required to book for a consultation prior to having the straightener applied. The cost will be determined at the consultation based on the length and tightness of the curl.